At Vega Immigration Services we specialize in helping you to immigrate to Canada, either permanently or temporarily.

We will provide you with an assessment, assist you with preparation and submission of your application package and communicate with the Canadian Immigration authorities on your behalf. 

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Family Class


 Reunite with your loves ones in Canada under this category. If you are a Permanent Resident or Canadian citizen, you can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada under this category (spouse, conjugal or common-law partner, dependent child, parents/grandparents or other eligible persons). 

Skilled Worker


Depending upon your skills, work experience, language ability, education, and other details, this stream admits skilled immigrants with the experience needed to contribute to the Canadian economy. 

Skilled Trade Program

Skilled trade program

This program seeks to attract skilled trades-people to Canada. There are different categories of trades and fields connected to skilled trade-people.

Canadian Experience Class


If you have gained work experience in Canada and have good English or French language skills this stream gives you an opportunity to convert your temporary visa into permanent visa and simultaneously contribute to the economy of Canada 

Business Class

Business class

This category targets people with business experience such as investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed, who can contribute significantly towards the economic growth of Canada through new job offers and new commercial opportunities. There are specific guidelines and regulations that apply in each specific business immigration program.

Provincial Nominee Programs


These programs allow provinces  to select immigrants who want to settle permanently in their province. Each province can attract and retain those individuals who have the intent and ability to become economically established in the province of application and to contribute to its economy. 

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General Requirements Information




 Canada provides ample job opportunities. If you have well-defined skills and educational qualifications, among other factors or requirements, you can be eligible to be granted permission to work in Canada as a foreign worker for a temporary period of time. 



By studying in Canada you will gain a high quality education and valuable international experience. In addition to your studies (if the Study Permit allows you), you may qualify to gain Canadian work experience, which may lead you to turn your temporary status into a permanent status in the future. If eligible you will be granted permission to study in Canada for a specific period of time. 



Depending on your reason to visit Canada (vacation, work, study or to visit your friends or relatives), it is advisable that you confirm if a visitor visa is needed to enter Canada and that you comply with the entry requirements. 


Extension of Your Stay in Canada


If you are already in Canada visiting, studying or working and if your  circumstances have changed, you may either need to extend or update the conditions of your permit. Seek our advise on this matter as most of the time these types of processes are more complex than they appear. 

Canadian Citizenship


If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada and comply with all the requirements you may be eligible to become a Canadian citizen and be part of this great nation